Track Talk

IoT, Mental Health & Wellness and Cybersecurity

Jyoti Bhatt

Narasimha Raju

15:00-15:30 CEST Wednesday 29th September

We are living in a time when IoT is changing everything including the way we monitor and track our health. Today, IoT devices help us monitor the humidity, temperature, colour of blinds, sleep patterns, blood sugar levels, blood pressure and many other stats that help us keep a check on our health

Scientist have acknowledged how natural light, colour and intensity of light, music and HVAC can impact our health, especially mental health. Home automation and healthcare companies have been innovating on how technology and IoT can be used to better our living conditions and improve the way we live today.

With billions of devices connected globally, it is extremely important that security of these IoT devices is kept on top priority. While we cannot afford to ignore the potential and positive impact IoT could have on our mental health and wellness, we also cannot take our eyes off of the increased use of IoT in the healthcare and home automation industry that leads to new cyber-security risks that can compromise device security, data security, and patient privacy. As the healthcare industry increasingly adopts the Internet of Things (IoT) to improve patient health outcomes, it also opens up data to new cybersecurity risks.

In this presentation we will talk about importance of security testing in the IoT world with respect to health and wellness.