Lightning Strikes

8 Speakers - 5 minutes each

13:00-14:00 CEST Wednesday 29th Sept

Energise your afternoon on day two of EuroSTARConf 2021 with our high energy ‘Lightning Strikes’ session.

Eight speakers each have 5 minutes and just two slides to present on experimentation and their ‘near misses’ or ‘near successes’. Each set of four talks will be followed by a panel style Q&A session.

Lightning Strikes Speakers in Group 1

Tariq King, Sanne Visser, Rob Meaney and Elise Carmichael

Lightning Strikes Speakers in Group 2

Raj Subrameyer, Dawn Haynes, Chris Armstrong and Sowmya Ramesh

Join us and enjoy this engaging series of super short talks from these eight speakers, all incredibly passionate about their chosen topic.

Who will convey their points clearly and quickly? Ignite your afternoon with this electrifying lightning strikes session – a firm favourite at EuroSTAR.