Moving to Frequent Releases – the 10 Communication Principles that Support Rapid Change

Rob Lambert

09:15-10:15 CEST Wednesday 29th Sept

Shifting your delivery approaches to add more value to your customers requires epic amounts of good communication. Winning over hearts and minds, convincing people to change their behaviours and aligning people around the True North, all require effective communication.

In this talk, Rob will share how his team moved from 14-month releases to weekly releases in just over a year – and almost all of it was to do with effective communication.

Politics, curbing dysfunctional behaviours, creating a strategy, dealing with failures, working well with other departments, setting goals and moving people into action, were the name of the game.

Rob will share with you his 10 scientific principles of communication that he teaches in his award-winning workshop, and how each one lends itself to bringing about change. Along the way Rob will explain why change is important, how communication aids in engagement and how change is constantly emerging.

Rapid delivery is not about new tech and shiny agile ways of working, nor is it about command and control, it is about the subtle art of painting a bright future, creating a strategy, aligning people around that future, focusing on behaviours and routines, and finally, learning your way through it.

All of this requires exceptional leadership and compelling communication. Rob will cover how enthusiasm plays a part, how listening is the greatest compliment you can give someone, why knowing your audience is crucial, how body language shows your true emotions and how to move people into motion by using emotion.

It will be a rollercoaster ride and after the talk, you will have 10 communication strategies you can apply straight away, if you’re trying to move people into motion and bring about change.

Rob will share stories, insights and paint a real picture of what was a difficult journey, but one that helped a start-up go from barely making payroll to being bought. It’s a classic tech company story and Rob is humbled to have been part of it. But it wasn’t easy – and the key to success wasn’t tech, nor test approaches, nor test driven development, nor scrum or MoreOrLessSafe – it was people. And people require effective communication to bring their best self to work.