Track Talk

Quality is not about testing… It’s about value!

Gitte Ottosen

10:30-11:00 CEST Wednesday 29th September

Do you know why you are testing? Do you know what business objectives you support? Do you know how your work is creating value? As test professionals in any capacity, it is crucial to understand why we are testing – the value that our work will have for the business. All too often, our focus is only on the traditional metrics; defects found, defect severity, test completeness, etc. But how do we know what we are here for, what the business expectations are, and whether we are doing our job well? To be able to reach that understanding we have to understand the objectives for testing, and we need to follow up on whether we achieve them or not.

In the 1980s NASA introduced the Goal-question-metric model (GQM) – a method to identify the best possible metrics to evaluate whether the initial objectives were met for a given project. this can be a good support in understanding your business and ensuring that you provide the information they need to take decisions about the quality of the product.

In 2020 the VOICE model was introduced as a part of the book “Quality for DevOps Teams”. This model can be said to be the successor to the GQM model. The purpose was to: “Establish the level of confidence that the pursued business value can be achieved”. The model consists of 5 terms: Value, Objectives, Indicators, Confidence and Experience – terms that together describe how you implement delivery of business value.

In this presentation, Gitte Ottosen will take you through the VOICE model and introduce a structured and interactive method to identify the right metrics, based on an understanding of what your business needs, what they define as the objectives for testing for your team.