Track Talk

Save the date! Test & Code just got engaged!

Maria El Haddad

15:00-15:30 CEST Wednesday 29th September

Does everyone have a soulmate? This question is one of the hardest to answer. Yet, Test and Code already have things figured out. While the Code gives the Test motive and reason, the Test gives the Code support and trust. They always push each other to be the best version of themselves. But how does the status of this relationship affect our lives as people in Software?

Test coverage serves as a quality metric for the codeline. Visualising coverage helps us uncover weaknesses and gaps and allows us to improve our test strategies to adopt best practices in our daily activities.

What did this mean to us at Murex? The Murex Mx.3 platform deals with critical capital market processes requiring rigorous testing. The process includes around 350 developers and 115 QA engineers working on different modules, technologies and even development languages (Java, C++, Scripting, etc.). The code is covered by many tests divided across all layers of the test pyramid. This raised two challenges: (i) Centralising the coverage of all unitary, integration, and e2e tests on every validation cycle; allowing 50+ agile teams to analyse reliable coverage metrics in one visualisation dashboard tailored to their needs. (ii) Engaging the developers, QA engineers and product management to collaborate around the usage of test coverage to improve quality, test smarter and deliver faster.

Through a spirit of pioneering, continuous improvement, and the collaboration between both the implementation team and early adopter agile team, we conducted multiple experiments uncovering the methodologies to benefit from test coverage in Murex.

When asking ourselves…