Track Talk W15

“OK Mobi, take me to exit East” Indoor Navi for Blind People

Helmut Pichler

15:30-16:15 CEST Wednesday 8th June

Outdoor navigation is now very well covered. But what about indoors, e.g. in underground stations? The aim of our R&D project (code word: “Mobi”) was to find out to what extent it is possible to develop a voice-guided navigation system using currently available technologies such as SmartGlasses, special indoor navigation systems and speech recognition, with which blind and visually impaired people (persona: Gustav) can be reliably guided in underground stations using the latest technology.

Our R&D project travel was a kind of a roller coaster ride. Especially when working with new technologies, ups and downs are part of the game. Was it a success? You can find out at my talk.

Recent success: we won the Austrian eAward 2021 for Beste Projekte gekürt