Track Talk F1

Phoenix Stories of Agile Error Culture

Irina Malgina

09:00-09:45 CEST Friday 10th June

How often have you made mistakes in your work? Like ‘accidentally’ deleting some important data in production environment? Or choosing test approach that was not effective and lead to blocking errors slipping into production? Things may be going wrong despite all the best effort put by the team into achieving success. Believe me, it all sounds worse than it is… Guess what? Mistakes are our friends! Regardless of all our best effort, mistakes do happen sometimes. Instead of concentrating on the negative aspects, we can better try to learn from those mistakes!

In order to learn successfully, there should be a form of positive error culture in the company. This has to do with awareness of the errors, psychological safety to share them and understanding that errors can’t always be avoided.

In my talk, I will share some remarkable mistakes from my own experience to give you an example of how we can learn from mistakes. In different cultures phoenix is known as symbol for second chances and renewal due to its ability to rise from the ashes. Don’t let the negative experiences steal the show. Join my positive error journey and learn to rise like a phoenix!