Track Talk W14

Shaping a Test Team

Paco Lorca

15:30-16:15 CEST Wednesday 8th June

There has been a growing number of startups and IT companies during the past few years. Mobile apps, web apps, professional tools, video games… you name it. To develop the next big thing, all these brand new companies will be creating one or more agile teams from scratch. And with every new agile team, at least a responsible tester is expected to help, exploring and investigating any problems and risks that may threaten the value of the product. But, how to organize a new test team? Where should we start? This is a challenge that every company will be facing, sooner than later.

The goal of this presentation is to tell the story of my personal experience as a test manager in a new test team in ODILO, an EdTech company based in Spain. I will present the first year of my personal experience facing this challenge. I’ll explain how I started working with a small test team that didn’t have any kind of established testing procedures, and how we went for an adventure, passing through different stages: starting from ad hoc testing, where nothing was noted down or registered, passing through TMMI and ISTQB, explaining why those industry standards didn’t work out very well for us, and finishing with our actual procedures and ways of working, like Rapid Software Testing, session-based test management and exploratory testing.