Track Talk F5

Simple Words: Distilling the Essence of Testing

Rick Tracy

09:00-09:45 CEST Friday 10th June

This talk, which uses the idea of the simplifying how we communicate among ourselves and others,aims to distill the core results of testing into a much easier to understand and thus much easier to communicate message. Often enough we end up using too much industry jargon and test language, and this ends up diluting our message and the value of our communication.

We will explore the many ways we as testers lose our audience or miss the mark with our attempts to draw attention to the important findings from testing. Using a set of skills based on essence tracing, simplification and refined targeting I hope to impart some of what I’ve learned and engage the audience in what they themselves do in terms of test communication on a daily basis.
My goal is that participants leave the talk with a good understanding of why their valuable messages don’t always come across, what they can do about it and how they can apply those skills regularly to their every day work.

Or Using Simple Text:
We will learn to talk easier when we talk so that others can understand us better and get more out of what we say, which will lead to happier people on both sides.