Track Talk W13

Take Charge! Unbend Yourself Back into Action

Brijesh Deb

15:30-16:15 CEST Wednesday 8th June

A great team comprises of individuals with exceptional abilities. What makes these individuals exceptional are their intellect and ability to use their intellect effectively. That’s why shaping great teams requires shaping great individuals. This is way more complex than it seems. With the world becoming more and more competitive, whether it’s play or work, there are situations which bend or sometimes even break the individuals. There is a lot of pressure be it from peers or from management. Pressure at work can get daunting. Those who were slated to be assets are rendered as mere liabilities. Add to that bullying at work and mental harassment.

Have you wondered what it is like to be trapped inside a box? That’s the exact feeling one gets at toxic workplaces with bullying and harassment. This is a much more dire situation as the danger of having an unhealthy mind is invisible.

A healthy mind inside a healthy body is perhaps the most desirable thing in the world today. A lot is said about how organizations and their leadership teams can take relevant steps to avoid such situations by fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion powered by empathy and trust, enabling empowerment to shape up their teams. However, having gone through a tormenting period of bullying and mental harassment, I feel it is important that we realize how we can break ourselves free and reshape ourselves. Through this talk I would like to share the story of my ordeal and the steps I took to reshape myself.

Here are a few highlights from the story:

  1. Keeping your head held high during the ordeal
  2. Seeking help and spreading the message
  3. Rebuilding confidence and getting back to normal
  4. Helping others suffering through such situations come
  5. MindMatters – An initiative I have started to help shape better workplace environments focused at mental health