Panel Session F9

9 out of 10 Testers Find These Things Most Annoying…

Chris Armstrong, Shey Crompton,

Hanna Schlander, Veerle Verhagen, Sanne Visser

14:00-15:00 CEST Friday 16th June

Rants, pet peeves, and annoyances. We all have them but ‘9 out of 10 testers’ discuss them openly.

We are Hanna, Sanne, Chris, Shey, and Veerle. And we talk (read: rant) about various subjects around working life as software testers.

Are there things in the world of testing that get under your skin? Have you ever just wanted to scream when someone says that you should automate everything? You are not alone!

The world of testing is full of hot topics that we, the 9 out of 10 Testers panel, love to dive into. At EuroSTAR 2023, we’ll talk about software development as a social activity – and rant about all the ways that activity can go antisocial!

Expect a mix of sarcasm, humour, and some serious empathy, while we tackle real problems and scenarios. Join our panel as we rant about things in the world of testing that drive us up the wall!

Audience participation is encouraged and any attendee can join in, if they wish to. This is a moderated session, highly interactive and fun.