Track Talk Th17

Growing Pains – Lessons Learned from the Incredible Rise and Collapse of WCW

Chris Armstrong

15:45-16:30 CEST Thursday 15th June

Can you think of anything that once was so huge, that a future without it seemed implausible?

That was me in the 1990s with pro-wrestling’s hottest property, WCW (World Championship Wrestling).

Come 2001, the company and its assets were bought for a fraction of their net worth.

How could something so huge, full of potential, making money hand-over-fist to end up being out of business, and what lessons could apply here to us in software development?

The answer is eye-opening.

Join me as we look at the lessons learned from countless accounts and how we can learn more on the subjects of:

  • Representation & diversity
  • Professional development
  • Credibility
  • Complacency
  • Empathy and self-awareness
  • Short-termism
  • Skill gaps
  • Communication


and more.