Track Talk Th16

Bug Bashing: My Secret Weapon for Quality Software

Prashant Hegde

14:15-15:00 CEST Thursday 15th June

No matter how diligent your testing is or how effective your automated tests are, there will always be hidden risks. The odds are that a few bugs will sneak through the development and testing phases and make their way into production. Bug bashing is a hidden weapon I have used for years to deliver high-quality software. A bug bash is an organization-wide collaborative event aiming to unearth many bugs within a short timebox. Bug bashing harness the power of your entire organization to hunt down elusive bugs that might go unnoticed.

Bug bashes are inclusive events where every employee in the organization is welcome to take part in the event. Typical participants can be developers, testers, product managers, engineering managers, designers, marketers, solution engineers, and even executives like CTOs and CEOs. It is a good exercise for non-testers to practice testing and improve their craft. Bug bashes allow everyone in the organization to learn about the different parts of the product they are less familiar with. Furthermore, bug bashes help break down barriers between teams and build a shared sense of responsibility for quality in your organization.

This talk will cover everything I learned from conducting over 100 bug bashes. Learn how gamification of the whole process can increase participation, engagement, and competitiveness.