Track Talk Th6

From Chaos to Clarity – Our Journey Towards Healthy Teams

Seema Prabhu

11:30-12:15 CEST Thursday 15th June

An important factor for determining a team’s success – more than talent, knowledge or innovation- is the health of the team. We spend a lot of time on smart solutions such as strategy, technology, process and often, neglect the people aspect.

There was confusion, mistrust, and low morale among team members. Often seen as “stuff tossed over the wall”, was not just affecting the quality of our products and services, it was affecting teams – both testers and developers, family life and personal life of team members. To make matters worse, we saw this spill over to customers as well as affect the organisation.

Our team was in a place where they felt overwhelmed by information, sometimes could not make can’t make sense of it. In some situations, they don’t know what to do. Previously we had tried to make changes, worked hard towards it, some changes worked, but immediately move back to our past comfort level of chaos. Probably, we lacked the belief that it was possible to move away from chaos or we were not comfortable with the discomfort that change brought in.

We stayed in the state of chaos for a while, that is when the process of “self organisation” kicked in. There was order in chaos. We also realised that there was only one way out of chaos – it was upwards. Towards clarity.

Still uncertain, that change is possible, yet we came together as a team, this time everyone in the team was committed to bring about a change.

My team embarked on a journey where we went from chaos, confusion towards clarity.

In this session, you are sure to walk away encouraged and better informed in dealing with your own team struggles . We will learn about steps we took to move towards being a healthy team.