Workshop F10

Make Yourself Future Proof while Improving your Soft Skills

Emna Ayadi

Ard Kramer

14:00-15:45 CEST Friday 16th June

If you consider testing as a social activity, what are the skills that will be the most appropriate and will make a difference in technology driven society? Soft skills of course! Those Soft Skills are defined as the essential skills for the 21st century and in our tutorial we have related them to testing! The skills of the 21st century can be defined with 4 C’s; Communication, Critical Thinking, Creativity, and Collaboration.

And these soft skills are really different than hard skills, which change fast and can be easily obtained through courses, or taught through human interaction.

In the tutorial, we will explore each of these soft skills by going through different phases of product development while working together as a scrum team. Teams will be challenged with different issues which are pretty recognisable from our day-to-day work (e.g. a missing product owner or a broken feedback loop).

We will go through the following phases:

  • The first thoughts of a product, where you need to apply communication;
  • Preparing the testing of the first features, where critical thinking is needed;
  • You will be delivering a first version as a scrum team and creativity is essential;
  • How to deal with quality in a devops team where you will be testing in production and how to collaborate in such a ‘new’ team.


The story of this product development is used to structure the tutorial and there will be enough room to bring in your own specific context and experiences.

In these teams, you will experience how to deal with different situations per phase while sharing your tips. How can you improve those soft skills as an individual and as a team ?

Every group will share their top tips to inspire others in the room. These tips could help you make a difference with colleagues you are working with on projects (where everyone in the team cares about quality).

During this workshop, the attendees will share interesting experiences and relevant tips, which will help you to improve your testing in your organisation, stay relevant and completely future proof!