Track Talk W6

Seat Belts On: You’re About To Land On QA Planet

Antony Yammine

12:00-12:45 CEST Wednesday 14th June

When I was 5 years old, I knew that one day I will become a professional Basketball player, but I didn’t ever expect to be a famous TV presenter.

When you work at Murex, an international company with more than 2500 employees from over 60 countries, in a 130+ QA Department spread over 3 countries, it is not easy to communicate with everyone and to stay up to date with all the personal and professional news. It has become even harder with Telework getting more common post COVID-19 pandemic.

We already know that social activity is so important, why don’t we make time for it?

As a QA Operational Manager, it was important for me to maintain the bond and community spirit within the QA department and to connect the QAs altogether in a fun yet professional manner. This drove me to build a new imaginary QA Planet, where all inhabitants and residents are our special QA members. The news of this planet are released in a monthly live News session, like official TV News, but with a more interesting content:

  • Our flashy news would be “Cynthia is getting married next week”, or “Maya got a new baby born”
  • The sports news would be “It was a great football game between our QA cross team members” or “Get well soon Hassan, wish you a quick recovery from your knee injury”
  • The worldwide news would be “Toni is moving next month from Cyprus office to Paris office with his family, Good Luck Toni”
  • The success stories’ news would be “Well done Salwa in playing the role of a Test Lead on this client’s project”, or “Congrats Sami on getting the International Testing Certification”


You wouldn’t imagine the engagement of our QAs during our first Episode; Comments, likes, and laughs all over the session. If it was a Netflix series, they would have finished it in one night. Not only that but our QA members are no longer missing on each other’s news and that is making the community spirit stronger. Today, after 15 Episodes, the QAs are still waiting for the next one, and the show must go on.

During this session, you will learn more about our QA Planet, the added values it is bringing, and most importantly how to create your own social Planet in your own work “Space”.