Track Talk W13

Test Techniques as a Collaborative Learning Approach

Gitte Ottosen

15:15-16:00 CEST Wednesday 14th June

Traditionally, we use test techniques as part of our test assignment – no matter if the context is a traditional project or an agile team.
We use test techniques when we design our test cases or do exploratory testing. We use them to make effective tests and to get an overview of progress and coverage – no matter if we test exploratory or use test techniques as a foundation for automated regression tests. – As a tool for getting an overview and understanding of what we are testing.

But how about changing the view on test techniques to encompass identifying the purpose and requirements for a new feature – and to view them as a collaborative tool for creating acceptance tests together with the customer or end-user?
What if we could share these techniques with our team, and use them to get a common picture of what our customer wants, and what the users need? What if they could be used as part of our collaboration with our customers?

Based on experiences from different projects, Gitte gives a practical introduction to how you can introduce several different techniques to visualize and clarify workflows and user needs in a practical and easy, documented manner. Gitte will share her experience of using test techniques proactively and ensuring that the team gets a common picture and foundation to work from – ensuring maximum value to the customer.