Track Talk Th16

A Tester’s Guide to Navigating the Wild West of Web3 Testing

Rafaela Azevedo

15:15-16:15 Thursday 13th June

Web3 testing is still small and not really popular, but it is a trend that is slowly growing in the market and will be the future of the internet. Start to understand how it works now to be prepared for what is coming. I this talk, I will cover:

Introduction to Web3

  • An explanation of what web3 is and how it differs from traditional web applications and its structure


Testing Web3 Applications

  • Challenges of testing web3 applications, including issues with transaction speed, decentralized infrastructure, and complex business logic
  • Overview of testing tools and frameworks for web3 applications.


Types of Web3 Testing

  • Functional testing: testing the functionality of smart contracts and dApps.
  • Security testing: testing for vulnerabilities and potential attacks on the smart contract and the network
  • Performance testing: testing the scalability and speed of transactions on the network
  • Interoperability testing: testing the compatibility of different web3 protocols and networks