Track Talk Th7

DataCraft: Test Data Proficiency in Software Testing

Alexander Gyulai

11:45-12:45 Thursday 13th June

Efficient management of test data stands as a cornerstone, not just for Quality Assurance professionals but also as a pivotal factor in shaping the overall performance of your technology organization. The way you handle and utilise test data can significantly impact productivity, efficiency, and the overall success of your technology-driven endeavors.

In addition, automation testing can become slow, complex, and unstable when dealing with complex data flows. The good news is that by effectively managing your test data, you can significantly cut down the time it takes for automated tests, often by hundreds of times!

At Auto1, we faced these challenges and our solution resulted in creating an open-source tool that makes test data management easier. Our tech departments have seen significant benefits from this tool. During the conference, I’ll show you how this can be integrated into an automation testing framework.

I’ve had the chance to connect with many folks who are dealing with similar challenges. Our solution has sparked a lot of interest in these conversations. I’m pretty confident that my presentation will offer some real value and practical tips that can help grappling with these issues.