Track Talk F3

Utilising AI to Enhance the Daily Tasks of Software Testing

Joonas Palomäki

09:00-10:00 Friday 14th June

Joonas is the winner of the 2023 EuroSTAR RisingSTAR Award. He is currently being mentored by an experience panel of RisingSTAR supporters and will update the community on his idea and how he has developed it from June 2023 to June 2024.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be leveraged for various tasks in software testing, significantly enhancing the productivity of testers and other project team members. A notable application is using AI to generate manual test cases from specifications, which can save considerable time and aid in creating more effective test cases. AI’s utility extends to several other areas, including working with specifications, managing issues, and gaining insights into the project.

It is crucial to understand the specific tasks where AI excels and where it falls short. Generally, AI systems are not as effective in handling complex tasks without detailed guidance but excel in generating creative ideas and refining these into practical applications. This approach can lead to a 50% faster generation of usable test cases, improved specifications, enhanced issue reports, and more. Achieving these results with AI involves utilising the strengths of both human and AI capabilities.

This presentation will introduce a method for employing AI in testing-related tasks, with a primary focus on how to gather sufficient context for AI to assist humans effectively. We will discuss how to divide tasks between humans and AI to ensure human control and oversight, and other essential considerations when utilising AI in work-related tasks.