Track Talk W13

La Cucaracha – Use AI to Dance your Bugs Away!

Anais van Asselt

15:15-16:15 Wednesday 12th June

Ever experienced the pain of manual effort, and the frustrations associated with assigning bugs to the right teams? At Choco we certainly did. The daily bug duty responsibility added up to more than 7 hours per month, a significant burden for any startup. The cognitive load of understanding bug contexts, time-consuming back-and-forth communications, and the inevitable wrong team assignments were impeding our productivity. How can we automate bug assignment, and streamline the bug management process?

Enter La Cucaracha, born from a hackathon and fueled by cutting-edge AI technology. By intelligently comparing bug report content with team contexts and ownership, it automatically assigns bugs to the most suitable team, boosting efficiency and accelerating issue resolution. Our journey from hackathon inception to live usage serves as a testament to AI’s potential in software development.

During this presentation, key takeaways encompass lessons learned from executing a successful hackathon and the inner workings of La Cucaracha, along with how the Slack API is leveraged to create a user-friendly bug reporter, integrated into Slack. Additionally, we’ll explore the invaluable role of AI, exemplified by OpenAI and GitHub Copilot, in not only optimising the bug management process, but also aiding in solution development.

Join us to discover how La Cucaracha’s dance of automation and AI innovation can revolutionize your bug management, boost productivity, and lead to happier teams and users.