Track Talk W5

What are we Doing Here: Reviving Testers Amid AI Challenges

Ajay Balamurugadas

11:45-12:45 Wednesday 12th June

Under the overarching theme of ‘What Are We Doing Here?’, we embark on a transformative journey that addresses a growing concern in the industry. We have witnessed a shift where many professionals increasingly focus solely on automation, sometimes at the cost of losing the essence of real testing skills.

In this context, we ask the fundamental questions: What are we doing here? What has become of the real testers who played a pivotal role in providing information about software quality?

We begin by placing a strong emphasis on expanding the skillsets of testers, encouraging them to venture beyond the traditional boundaries of test design, execution, and reporting. We have witnessed a concerning trend – the loss of the ‘real testers’. These professionals once possessed a deep understanding of testing fundamentals, armed with the ability to question, observe, model, and engage in proactive problem-solving. Real testers used to play a pivotal role in understanding the big picture, anticipating the next steps, and thinking about holistic software quality. However, as automation took center stage, the focus shifted, and we risked losing these essential skills.

In today’s landscape, where AI tools are omnipresent, we must address the challenges they present. This keynote not only encourages testers to reacquire and refine their fundamental skills, but also guides them in adapting to the new AI-driven paradigm. Furthermore, we emphasize the importance of collaborating with diverse teams, leveraging automation for insights, and streamlining documentation.

This keynote serves as a rallying cry for testers to revive their true essence, navigate the complexities presented by AI, and restore their position as the champions of authentic testing skills. We explore this transformative path within the context of ‘What Are We Doing Here?’, ensuring that real testers thrive and continue to be indispensable in the ever-evolving world of technology.