Track Talk Th2

What we do Today Shapes our Tomorrow

Indranil Sinha

10:30-11:30 Thursday 13th June

Our actions today help us building the future we envision. In this storytelling episode, Indranil takes us on his personal journey of transformation from a novice IT worker, to a respected leader in a Swedish Bank. Through his experiences, he demonstrates how he established an effective testing culture, a learning atmosphere, and an innovative solution-oriented climate within the organisation. Indranil shares how he convinced the CIO of the bank about the necessity of a brand-new QA department with available data, vision, and courage.

Having successfully established the QA department, Indranil elevated the company’s reputation by organising what the first software testing conference specific to banking and finance in Stockholm, for two consecutive years. The conference attracted local and international speakers and attendees from diverse financial businesses.

Indranil’s passion for sharing knowledge and experiences led him to advocate for important practices within his company. He describes how he realised the absence of risk-based testing, how he explored the benefits of it, learned how to get started, and proactively helped QA team members to get started with it. He also involved the risk control department, hosted an internal risk-based testing workshop by Michael Bolton, and finally included it in an organisational directive.

Through his storytelling, Indranil exemplifies the process of establishing, explaining, defending, and elevating a tester’s role, crediting the direct support from his leaders for his successful efforts.

This session serves as an inspiring example of how individual dedication, vision, and collaboration with team members and leaders can bring about positive changes, contribute to the growth of an organisation, and elevate the role of software testers in driving sustainable future development.