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141 Tremont Street 6th Floor Boston, MA 02111

E: [email protected]


Innovation over the last 10 years in software delivery processes has enabled engineers to build and ship code faster, and system admins and operators to release code to production, monitor it, and manage it. But where’s the innovation for QA? Instead, QA has been left with cumbersome manual processes and antiquated test automation tooling that was built for a world where software changed infrequently and functionality was highly specified and documented. mabl is changing the way QA is done with an auto-healing automation framework and cloud-based test infrastructure that eliminates the burden of test script and infrastructure maintenance. mabl is delivered as a robust, codeless, intelligent, all-in-one platform that allows QA teams to test continuously and at scale in DevOps. Using proprietary machine learning models to automatically identify application issues like visual regressions, increased latency, javascript errors, broken links and more, mabl brings traditional UI and regression testing to the modern age. Learn more at mabl.com

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