Be part of the EuroSTAR Software Testing Community!

The Huddle is a community focused area at the EuroSTAR Conference. It is a place to meet fellow quality assurance experts and network between official talks and sessions.

Located in the heart of the EuroSTAR Expo, The Huddle will play host to a variety of activities and networking events, ran by the Huddle Team of volunteers. It is aimed at connecting diverse and international delegates with all QA professionals such as Developers in Test, Performance Testers, Team Leaders, Automation Testers, Agile Teams, enabling knowledge sharing outside of the official talks. It is a welcoming place to come meet new friends and take a break from the busy day.

Whether this is your first conference or you are a seasoned veteran, the EuroSTAR Huddle is aimed at offering something for everyone. It’s the best place to come and have a chat with the EuroSTAR team or indeed get some advice and help from the Huddle team.

What happens in the EuroSTAR Community Huddle Area?

SoapBox Sessions

This is your time to shine, take to the SoapBox stage at EuroSTAR for an impromptu sharing session on a testing topic of your choice. Share your wisdom with other delegates. To take part, simply contact us now. The schedule will be released in the weeks coming up the conference.

Lean Coffee

This is a structured, but agenda-less session, led by the Community Huddle Team.  Attendees gather, create the agenda of testing topics and commence talking about each topic. This session starts at 08:30 (Wednesday 18th) and welcomes all attendees with various levels of testing experience.

Speaker Couch Sessions

For anyone who is ‘conferenced-out’, join the conference speakers for a personal and welcoming chat on the EuroSTAR Huddle couches. Led by conference speakers, this is a chance for you to network and learn from the industry experts, in relaxed and comfortable environment.

Giveaways & SWAG

Take part in the games and competitions to win some awesome EuroSTAR Huddle swag! Meet the EuroSTAR Huddle team during the networking breaks, find out what prizes are up for grabs & take home some super cool prizes.

Games & Stickers

Show off your unique personality with the help of stickers for your delegate badge. Whether its your home country, your favourite testing topic or your favourite hobby, the stickers are always a huge hit at EuroSTAR!

Take a breather from the busy schedule, relax & play some games – go fishing in the duck pond, play a round of cards, there are lots of games to choose from.

1st Time Delegate Welcome

New to EuroSTAR? Each year the Huddle Team share how to get the most out of the EuroSTAR Conference with some conference veterans. Learn how you can get involved with the testing community at the 1st Timer Welcome Session.

Visit the Online Huddle Today

Do you love great software testing resources? Do you hate paying for testing resources? The online Huddle is the answer to your problems. Whether you’re a SDET, test architect, QA engineer, team lead, QA manager – any quality assurance professional, we’ve got something for you!

We have a brand new website! Visit the EuroSTAR Huddle Online and avail of free software testing resources. Brand new content such as; eBook’s, Webinars, Podcasts, Forum posts, Blog posts, released every week.

With resources on test automation, agile testing, artificial intelligence, performance testing, big data testing, security testing, API testing, you name it, the Huddle has it! Sign up to mailing EuroSTAR list to receive the latest resources before anyone else.


Meet the 2020 Huddle Team

EuroSTAR Conference Volunteer Chris Armstrong

Chris Armstrong – Huddle Director

I am a husband to my wonderful wife, father to two highly energetic young boys, a fan of football (soccer and handegg), (debatably) good films, TV and music; as accentuated by a fascination of the Eurovision Song Contest. But more importantly (in this context at least), I am a professional software tester. I have worked through the last fifteen years in the games industry, smart energy sector and now in test, measurement and diagnostics.I have experienced the breadth of the software life-cycle, participated in manual and automated test (or checks, if you prefer), designed and implemented automation frameworks, and even been release manager. And yet, I still know nothing…..I have so much to learn and here you will hopefully join in my journey.

EuroSTAR Volunteers

Gosia Piekaska – Huddle Hero

My name is Gosia. My background consists of various experiences spanning multiple industries, but my passion lies in Software Testing. A few years ago I decided to follow my heart and switched careers, taking the business knowledge I gained from my previous jobs with me. I studied Computer Science and got hooked (it’s almost as bad as my coffee addiction). Since then I have worked as a Software Tester. Right now I’m working as a Test Engineer at, a company that connects data, documents, and processes, in an integrated technology platform. I’m responsible for implementing testing procedures and shaping the testing process. My work is my hobby: in my spare time, I’m always trying to improve my knowledge in the area of software testing. I’m particularly interested in Test Automation and Performance Testing. What else I do with my coffee buzz? Dancing! I love both salsa and classical dance. I’m also fond of photography, mostly black and white, as I love to capture the beauty of the world. Following last year’s pleasure of being part of the EuroStar Conference, this year marks my second time being involved in Huddle! Come and say hello at Huddle!

EuroSTAR Volunteers

Colin Nee – Huddle Hero

After graduating from college, I took up a role as a hardware technician. After a while, I found my way into the world of testing. I joined Pramerica Systems Ireland 5 years ago as a Junior Tester. I eventually transitioned into an Automation Engineering role and was the first person in the company to do so. I spent some time travelling to our US offices and presenting the story of my journey to our legacy testers. I have now assumed the role of Test Lead but still like to pitch in with day-to-day testing activities. Outside of work, I am a musician and play the bass guitar in a touring band which takes me all around Ireland, the UK and continental Europe.

Be part of the 2020 EuroSTAR Community Huddle and join us at the 28th edition of the EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference.