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Get ‘hands-on’ at the Test Lab!

The EuroSTAR Conference Test Lab has become a firm favourite among attending delegates. That’s because the Lab is an opportunity to meet new friends and to learn something new outside of the conventional classroom setting or your working environment. This year at the Test Lab you can expect robots, some games, practical sessions for your testing and lots more. 

It’s time for Test Lab 



The Test Lab at EuroSTAR 2018 will feature some open-source tools to try out, will give you the chance to explore unit test coverage and more. If that’s not enough, you can spend a happy moment playing in certification corner with IoT puzzles designed to illustrate techniques from testing exams, or take a robot for a walk. Caring on from the success of last year’s event, the Test Lab celebrates 10 Years at EuroSTAR with a night in Crazy Piano’s THE night out of the Conference!

At the heart of the Expo, the EuroSTAR Conference Test Lab is your opportunity to give real, hands-on context to ideas you’ve heard speakers talk about in sessions. Run by testers for testers, we have set up a range of environments and testable systems to help you practice what you’ve learned. We have an open, friendly atmosphere to include you in conversation and discussion no matter what your level of experience, and have put together plenty of testing challenges to get you started.

EuroSTAR 2014 Lab EmmaYou’ll find test professionals sharing how they test, consultants showing you how their ideas change their work, tool makers helping you to use their tools, and all sorts of ways to get your hands into the gritty business of work. Bring your laptops, tablets and smartphones, and join us to rediscover the joy of testing!

Shmuel Gershon has described the Test Lab as: “a fun environment where one can come, meet an unknown tester and set off for an uncommitted testing session. [..] There is something magical in practicing with others – something happens when we experiment and practice… We gain insights when we attend conference track sessions. But we acquire the knowledge as our own property when we experience and share.

EuroSTAR 2014 Lab AdinaExperimenting adds innumerable layers to our learning experience. For starters, we engage multiple senses – a conversation is very limited on that aspect, and a frontal lecture even more so. The senses exercised on the Test Lab will add more than sight and tact, they add sensations of expectancy (as in “will this work?”, “will it crash?”), will add the wonders of error/failure (as in “no it didn’t”) and all you can learn from that.

So if you want to spice up your EuroSTAR experience and bring back experiential practice, don’t miss the opportunity of meeting passionate people at the Test Lab. And if you want to double-spice it, apply to be the next Test Lab apprentice.”


The 2018 Test Lab is being held with support from HCL OneTest and Xray – thank you to each of our sponsors for your continued support.






Meet the 2018 Test Lab Crew

Test Lab Curator – Martin Jansson


Martin Jansson, CEO, owner and consultant at Testverkstaden Sverige AB, started his career as tester 1996. He has tried many professions in product development, but his heart and soul belongs in testing. Martin is one of the founders and bloggers at Co-author of Software Quality Characteristics. Has run several test labs at a variety of conferences. Like to experiment with new ideas in testing. The last couple of years he has focused on coaching testers and running the meetup Passion for Testing in Gothenburg.  You can reach him on Twitter @martin_jansson or at [email protected] 



Test Lab Crew – Ani Ghazaryan


Ani Ghazaryan started her career as a Software Testing Engineer in 2009. During her career she has shown an outstanding team based experience of building a web application from scratch using Agile methodology, starting from customer requirements analysis to the final product release. Ani enjoys mentoring newcomers in software testing, sharing her professional knowledge with them and motivating them to become good testers.  Currently Ani is working at Workfront Armenia LLC, which has been providing SaaS technology and expertise for modern work management over the past ten years.



Test Lab Crew – David Jonasson


David is a computer geek at heart, but with a background in social science and humanities. After working as a journalist, he studied software testing at a vocational school and practised it in the fields of business intelligence and the automotive industry. Right now his curiosity is focused on becoming better at security testing and security in a DevOps context.





Each year the Test Lab fills up with testers trying out different tools, games, challenges and more. The Test Lab needs equipment to run successfully. If you are a company and would like to sponsor devices, would like to donate devices for the length of the Conference, sponsor challenges and events, then get in touch with our sponsorship team here.

Previous Test Lab Crew

The 2017 Test Lab was run by Eddy Bruin and Stefana Ioana Chiorean with apprentices Raluca Duduman and Daan Koolman.

The 2016 Test Lab was run by Bart Knaack and James Lyndsay with Apprentices Stefana Ioana Chiorean and Eddy Bruin.

The 2015 Test Lab in Maastricht was run by Adina Moldovan and Guna Petrova with Apprentices: Susan van de Ven, Jyothi Rangaiah and Carly Dyson.

The 2014 Test Lab at Dublin was run by Ruud Cox and Adina Moldovan with the support of and their crew: Erik Stärling and Ru Cindrea, as well as with the help of their apprentices: Emma Keaveny and Guna Petrova.

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