Get ‘hands-on’ at the EuroSTAR Test Lab!

There is no better place to improve your testing skill and knowledge, than at a software testing conference. The EuroSTAR Conference is the largest and longest running gathering of testers, QA engineers in Europe.

The famous ‘Test Lab’ was first introduced at the 2008 EuroSTAR Conference and has become so popular that other testing events have followed suit. There is no substitute for the original Test Lab and each year Founders James Lyndsay and Bart Knaack add their unique magic to the EuroSTAR Test Lab supported by our Test Lab volunteers.

What is the Test Lab?

The EuroSTAR Test Lab is your opportunity to gain hands-on testing experience on ideas you’ve heard about at the Conference.  It allows you to learn something new outside of the conventional conference talks and your everyday working environment.

Run by Testers for Testers, we have set up a range of environments and testable systems to help you practice what you’ve learned. It is an open, friendly atmosphere to include you in conversation and discussion no matter what your level of experience, and have put together plenty of testing challenges to get you started.

Join fellow testers and QA professionals by completing practical challenges, exercises and games to improve your testing.

The annual Testers Party will take place Tuesday 12th November and is always a great opportunity to connect with the wider EuroSTAR Community of testers and quality assurance engineers, team leads, SDETs and more! Find out more about EuroSTAR at Night events.

Meet the 2019 Test Lab Crew

EuroSTAR Conference Volunteer

Dawn Haynes

Dawn Haynes is CEO, testing coach, and consultant for PerfTestPlus, Inc. A highly regarded trainer of software testers, Dawn blends experience with a real-world view to provide testers with tools and techniques to help them generate new approaches to common and complex software testing problems. Passionate about improving the state of testing, Dawn engages with testers through writing, social media, training, meetups, and testing conferences worldwide. Selected in 2010 as one of twelve women of influence in Software Test and Performance magazine, Dawn is a founding member of the International Society for Software Testing, and a lifetime member, former secretary, and director of the Association for Software Testing.

EuroSTAR Conference Volunteer 2019

Lenka Moutelíková

I work as a test analyst in a scrum team, which is developing an application for the biggest Czech automotive company Škoda Auto. I also help with scrum tasks, e.g. organizing daily stand ups. I was working as a test engineer on projects in banking from 2017 to 2019. I am ISTQB certified Agile tester. I have experience with test analysis, writing SIT, UAT tests, execution of tests, testing databases, estimates for resource planning, and reporting bugs. I regularly attend meetups of ProTest, Prague’s testers community. I try to help some NGO’s with testing their apps or web sites. I like SQL, I have a curiosity mindset and I also like to analyse stuff and I am grammar nazi, so…I am a tester. :) Connect on LinkedIn.  My hobbies are puzzlehunt games, strategy board games, and reading comics.

EuroSTAR 2019 Volunteer

Julie Gardner

Julie Gardiner provides Independent consultancy, delivery and training in all aspects of testing, leadership and agile, and specializes in risk, test management, lean and usability. She is currently Head of Delivery for GL Education and Founder of Testing Rainmaker. Her previous roles included Director of Digital Engineering and TQA for Hitachi Consulting, Head of Test and Implementation at a UK Bank and Director of Product Management for a Test Tool Supplier. An enthusiastic and passionate speaker, Julie presents all over the world as a keynote, tutorial or track speaker and has won Best Speaker awards at many testing and agile events including STAREast, STARCanada, EuroSTAR, ANZTB, STANZ, STARWest, CzechTest and Innovate Test Management, and Agile Quality Days.

Meet the Test Lab Crew at the EuroSTAR Conference


Previous Test Lab Crew

2018 Test Lab in The Hague was run by Martin Jansson, Ani Ghazaryan and David Jonasson

2017 Test Lab in Copenhagen was run by Eddy Bruin and Stefana Ioana Chiorean with apprentices Raluca Duduman and Daan Koolman.

2016 Test Lab in Stockholm was run by Bart Knaack and James Lyndsay with Apprentices Stefana Ioana Chiorean and Eddy Bruin.

2015 Test Lab in Maastricht was run by Adina Moldovan and Guna Petrova with Apprentices: Susan van de Ven, Jyothi Rangaiah and Carly Dyson.

2014 Test Lab in Dublin was run by Ruud Cox and Adina Moldovan with the support of and their crew: Erik Stärling and Ru Cindrea, as well as with the help of their apprentices: Emma Keaveny and Guna Petrova.