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SANAE TeamSTAR Meet-Up 2019

  • 15/10/2019
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EuroSTAR is all about networking and connecting the testing community. The TeamSTAR competition enables global testing communities to come together and celebrate testing. SANAE took part of the TeamSTAR competition on October 10th and successfully gathered the Bratislava testing community. Continue reading to learn more about the SANAE TeamSTAR event ‘SANAE Software Testing BEER.EX’.

Author: Nina Chorvátová

SANAE Software Testing BEER.EX

We are proud to play a major role in building of the software testing community. The goal of SANAE Software Testing BEER is to build up a regular informal meeting platform to support SW testing community and introduce it to IT people outside. After four successful Testing BEER events we made a decision to try to organize all day event with presentations, good beer and food accompanied by smart people. We would like to make our BEER bigger and better creating an informal networking environment.

The selected day 10.10.2019 was not accidental. As well as the location easily accessible by car or public transport. Binarium is a place designed for innovation, cooperation and creativity! So this was the reason why we went for it! It was the right place for our planned event! ‘Let’s go practical!’ was the perfect motto of our event.

When we started to contact the speakers for our event, we realized that the short notice before the planned event caused that some of our top picks were already busy. Nevertheless we found perfect gems to fit in our perfect piece of jewelry. Ard Kramer said YES and we were more than pleased. We invited more speakers from Slovakia and at the end we had a perfect group of speakers who delivered excellent talks.

Program was set, invitations sent to all partners and major IT companies and tickets sold out in a record time. As our event was coming closer, we were spending our nights with preparing graphics for marketing materials. One day before the event, four of us met at Binarium. We had all materials from marketing company, our partners and EuroSTAR. We had to prepare everything for the upcoming big day. Beer became the light motive of our event. We had our fantastic beer from a small Slovak brewery in Bratislava, non – alcoholic APA beer and provided visitors with items like beer pads and bottle-openers. Promo materials for participants, such as booklets about presenters, name labels with program and more were placed in bags made from recycled cotton.

The first participant arrived at 8 o’clock October 10th2019.  Our nice young colleagues at the registration desk welcomed every participant with a full bag of goodies, personalized name label and a lunch voucher.

After the registration, participants could enjoy tasty breakfast. The actual program started at 9.00 with opening speech by SANAE managing director Oliver Olšovský. After that, our key speaker Ard Kramer delivered the first presentation with the topic ‘Is there a Risk?’ Big event needs a big opening and this fitted perfectly. Eight more speakers followed, changing topics from technical to more process oriented and back. Questions from the audience were placed via, and the discussion was sparkling as the best beer. Closing block was dedicated to a discussion with our keynote speaker Ard Kramer. And the big finale was choosing the best speaker via application and the winner was Filip Hric from

SANAE TeamSTAR Meet-up

At the lunch and coffee break there was a little space for networking as well as checking exhibitors’ area and meet suppliers form SW testing area. Evening networking started with beer, corn-dogs, bagels and other delicious snacks, continued with our game Corn hole and more board games. Ended with… A great success story! That resulted in our decision to continue building a strong testing community in Bratislava around our regular event – SANAE Software Testing BEER.

PS: During pre-event social media marketing activities and the event itself, we used #EuroSTARConnects hash tag to increase our chance to win TeamSTAR 2019 competition. We even promised that one of the delegates promoting #EuroSTARConnects on post from out event will join us at EuroSTAR in Prague if we win. So there is no other option for us than a win.


Author: Nina Chorvátová

Well done to the SANAE team for organising a fantastic TeamSTAR event!

SANAE TeamSTAR Meet-upSANAE TeamSTAR Meet-up

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