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As part of the TeamSTAR Competition 2016, there was 11 testing meetups across Europe & Canada.

These meetups explored the EuroSTAR Conference theme 2016

“Learning to Test, Testing to Learn”

You can read about the meetups below

Aug 18th: Vienna Tester Gathering (Vienna/Austria)  – Read About It
Aug 23rd: ShareIT (Sarajevo/Bosnia and Herzegovina) – Read About It
Aug 25th: Team Optarions (Bucharest/Romania) – Read About It
Aug 27th: Agile Lego Tests (Wrocław/Poland) – Read About It
Sept 1st: The Facilitesters (Bucharest/Romania) – Read About It
Sept 3rd: Binary Studio (Lviv/Ukraine)Read About It
Sept 7th: yvrTesting (Vancouver/Canada) – Read About It
Tabara de Testare (Cluj-Napoca/Romania)Read About It
Kyiv Tester Meetup (Kyiv/Ukraine) – Read About It
Sept 8th: Valencia/Spain
Sept 9th: Istanbul/Turkey

6 Responses to TeamSTAR

  1. Dan says:

    I’ve already started forming a team at NVM to submit a video. Watch this space :)

  2. Daragh Daragh says:

    We are excited to see the finished product :-)

  3. Ovi Belu says:

    I just sent the email to enroll :)

  4. Woah, some excellent submissions… tough to make a choice.. but I finally did :-)
    Every submitter is a bit of a winner though, because every one has made me think or made me laugh!

  5. Abir says:

    Very tough to vote for one from all these amazing ones :D

  6. Dolly Pente says:

    Congratulations Team Sim Corp :D

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