Welcome to TeamSTAR 2018

As part of our continued commitment to the Software Testing Community, each year we host a competition giving a testing team an opportunity to attend the Eurostar Conference for FREE! You can get involved by hosting a meet up this September as part of our  ‘EuroSTAR Connects‘ programme (details to be submitted to us before 10th August). We will support your meet up with branded materials and we will also assist with the promotion by listing on our website and through our strong social presence. Details on the fantastic €8,000 prize and how to enter are below.

Follow our updates on Social Media by following the hashtag #EuroSTARConnects.


TeamSTAR Prize

WIN Four Tickets worth €8,000 to the EuroSTAR Conference, 12th – 15th November 2018 in The Hague



  • Keynote Sessions with Top Industry Speakers
  • Access to specialized Software Testing Track Talks & Workshops
  • Networking Lunch & Coffee Breaks
  • After Hours Social Events to reconnect with your Peers
  • Access to the EuroSTAR Expo with demos of Software Testing Tools
  • Opportunity to test the latest Software Testing Tools in our Test Lab
  • Connect with fellow EuroSTAR attendees in our Huddle area
  • Solve Day to Day work challenges in our EuroSTAR Clinic

How to Enter TeamSTAR

STAGE 1 – Submit your Meet-Up for the ‘EuroSTAR Connects’ programme

11th July – 10th August

Share details:

  1. Where your meet up will take place?
  2. When will it take place?
  3. How many attendees do you estimate?
  4. What is planned for the meet up?

STAGE 2 – Host your Meet-Up

1st – 28th September

Spread the Word:

  1. Engage with us on Social Media. We will share too!
  2. Use the hashtag #EuroSTARconnects
  3. Document to Share with us afterwards i.e. take photos, tweet, get testimonials etc.


STAGE 3 – Submit Feedback on your Meet Up

28th-30th September

Tell us how it went:

  1. How many attended?
  2. What was the feedback?
  3. Include photos & videos and we will share this on our own blog
  4. Why should your team win?


Previous Winners of TeamSTAR

The Winner of TeamSTAR 2017 was – Team KraQA. Congratulations to all the excellent teams that entered. Find out why we choose KraQA

2017 TeamSTAR Events 

If you are looking for ideas for your local ‘EuroSTAR Connects‘ meet-up, take a look at some of last year’s events below along with details of how each meet-up went.

WrotQA, Poland

A meet-up of like minded software testers to explore the “Magic of Testing” – View Report

ETMarlabs, India

100 people with creative interpretations of the 2017 ‘Magic of Testing’ theme. View Report

Stockholm Software Testing, Sweden

Talk by Robin Gustafsson, CTO at Load Impact offering an opportunity to network. View Report

Swisscom, Switzerland

Two speakers ensuring a great event of testing discussion and debate.  View Report

KraQA, Poland

A meet-up with a mobile theme taking place in the great outdoors.  View Report

Altom, Romania

A meet-up with both online and offline elements. View Report

YvR Testing, Canada

Exploring the “The Magic of Testing” with lightening talks. View Report

SmartBear, Ireland

An event with the creator of SOAP UI; Ole Lensmar at the Portershed in Galway View Report

Tabara de Testare, Romania

A treasure hunt event to discover the magic of testing. View Report

Qentinel Oy, Finland

A Meet-up in Espoo with a discussion on Magic in testing. View Report

TeamSTAR Software Testing Competition

EuroSTAR In Pictures

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