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WrotQA TeamSTAR Meet-Up 2019

  • 07/10/2019
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Here at EuroSTAR, we love seeing the testing community come together to celebrate testing, to network, to learn and to have fun! WrotQA held a very successful TeamSTAR meet-up. Well done to the team involved! Keep reading to discover what was discussed at this meet-up.

Author: Lukasz Pietrucha, WrotQA

EuroSTAR TeamStar competition is all about community. We grew strong with that here in Wroclaw, keeping the community together for over 5 consecutive years up till now! When we’ve heard about the competition we simply just couldn’t resist to participate :). 

At WrotQA in Wroclaw, Poland we meet to share knowledge, gain insights, discuss difficult situations but all of that obviously around testing. Our goal is not only to hear the talk but actively engage participants into discussions and networking, thus each event has some extra activities included just to make sure people do not rush back home but rather stay with us to enjoy the evening. It was no different in September when we were hosted by NOKIA. 

WroteQA TeamSTAR Meetup. EuroSTAR Conference WroteQA TeamSTAR Meetup. EuroSTAR Conference

Topic one: scaling Agile with SAFe. Where do you fit with your testing there? 

We live in demanding times where IT speeded up, even more, end-users are requesting a lot of customisation and self-service and we need to be able to deliver quickly and efficiently at the same time, without having to bargain the quality. How can tester found himself or herself in such a difficult setup? A well-established delivery framework could help for a start. Now NOKIA is dealing with huge and complex solutions, hiring over 4000 people in total in its engineering department. Simple agile just wasn’t enough – they needed to figure out the way to scale and so they started experimenting with SAFe. We’ve got some really interesting insights on how it works out for them, presented by Kamil Musiał. Check out some cherry-picked slides out of his presentation

Topic two: selecting the coding language for your solutions. Is it already affecting your quality?

Are you affecting your quality even before you start writing a single line of code? Well, you wouldn’t expect but you might already, even with as simple task as selecting a proper language for the proposed solution. 

WroteQA TeamSTAR Meetup. EuroSTAR Conference

During the second presentation of the evening we were going through some statistical analysis of major code flaws bound to specific language groups  – a lot of numbers for sure in this presentation but also an eye-opener towards “simplicity is a key”. The author himself is a huge fan of GO language, so his final thoughts were encouraging the audience to try it out (especially that according to presented data this particular language is in fact less error-prone!). 

TeamSTAR Meetup. EuroSTAR ConferenceTeamSTAR meet-up

To sum up: it was a really interesting evening, mostly around case studies and exchanging ideas. What we really like about our audience is that these are people that are eager to talk, sharing their perspectives, which eventually opens up some new interesting paths to try out in our organisations.

After all, it’s all about bringing the community together. 

TeamSTAR Meet-up WrotQA

Author: Lukasz Pietrucha


A HUGE well done to the WrotQA team on a great meet-up, it looks like everyone had a fantastic evening!

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