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See What’s Coming – EuroSTAR 2019

  • 24/04/2019
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Bigger. Stronger. Louder- These are the 3 words that perfectly describe what is coming to Prague this November. 

As EuroSTAR is growing since 26 years and successfully helping attendees improve their testing skills, this year we hope to do much more. From November 11th up until November 14th, these 4 days i Prague, Czech Republic, will be packed with amazing presentations and tutorials from top software testers. This article will highlight the programme and what you can expect at the upcoming conference. 


EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference


Tutorials At EuroSTAR 2019

The tutorials for the upcoming conference are carefully chosen, delegates choose an area they want to explore in great detail or “dive deep” into. There are 12 amazing tutorials to choose from and they are divided between Monday (6 tutorials) and Tuesday (6 tutorials). These tutorials will be around topics such as Python, Risk in Testing, Games & Testing, Performance Testing, Test Designs and much more. EuroSTAR offers 2,5 day tickets if you want to stay and view those tutorials. 

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EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference

Track Talks at EuroSTAR 2019

This year our programme committee has worked hard to deliver the perfect blend of topics for EuroSTAR 2019 – there’s something for every tester.  Over 30 new & expert speakers will give a track talk at the EuroSTAR Conference in Prague this November. That’s right, this wide selection of tracks were selected to enlighten and inspire and we give our guarantee that they will! We have invited many great speakers, including Michael Bolton, Rob Lambert, Iris Pinkster-O’Riordain, Jaroslaw Hryszko,Rikard Edgren an  many more. Exciting, isn’t it? 

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Keynote Speakers

We cannot leave without mentioning the keynote speakers of course! We are excited to introduce you the 2019 EuroSTAR keynote speakers. On board this year, we have the amazing Fiona Charles, Canada, Chris McKillop from Turalt, Canada, Dona Sarkar from Microsoft, US and Alexandre Bauduin from House of Test, Switzerland. Discover the reality & hype of AI, we question the ethical impact of our technological advancements, learn about testing a Boeing 777 flight simulator and how one of the largest companies in the world harness the power of community.

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The EuroSTAR 2019 will be an amazing event and the 4 days of great tutorials will help attendees improve their software testing skills. We hope to see you there. There are differenct offers available, if you want to head to the cofnerence as a group, EuroSTAR has a 5 for 3 offer and individual tickets are 20% off

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