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The City of a Hundred Spires – Prague Facts

  • 25/07/2019
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Prague is home to a number of well-known cultural attractions, including the beautiful Prague Castle, the stunning Old Town Square, the intricate Astronomical Clock and much more. It is a one of a kind city and the EuroSTAR team are more than excited to host our annual conference in the capital of the Czech republic.

In one of our previous articles we mentioned the Top 5 Attractions in Prague which you can read here. There is so much to tell you about this fascinating city … did you know that Prague is also called the City of 100 Spires? This is based on a count by 19th century mathematician, Bernard Bolzano and today’s count has increased that to 500 as estimated by the Prague Information Service.

That’s right. we’re talking about the spiky structure on the top of a building, often a church tower, similar to a steep tented roof. Prague has got tons of them!



From cathedrals to churches, towers and other magnificent buildings topped with stunning spires, Prague amazes every visitor with its beauty. Almost undamaged by World War II, the city’s compact medieval centre remains a beautiful mixture of fabulous lanes, walled courtyards, cathedrals and countless church spires all in the shadow of her majestic 9th century castle that looks eastward as the sun sets behind her. Sadly, the modern world doesn’t create such architecture anymore, but you can always enjoy visiting Prague for your fix of medieval buildings. 

The annual EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference will take place in the Prague Congress Centre this November. It is located just 4 stops on the metro from the Old Town, close to some of the most amazing attractions on the capital. Stroll down to the river or get a tram to Prague Castle which is only 30 minutes from the conference. You will also notice the building nearby, called  Saint Peter and Paul Basilica


Too many spires for the day? Head down to see the Dancing House, a stunning building 30 minutes walk from the Congress Centre. Look out for Zofin Palance when you are there – this is where we will have our Gala Awards Dinner on Wednesday 13th November.

As you will be very busy learning and focusing your mind on the presentations during the conference, evening times can be spent walking down the streets of this amazing city. Prague, we are counting the days until we visit you in November!


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