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Programme Chair Blog: Which day is best for me at EuroSTAR?

  • 19/09/2019
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Our 2019 Programme Chair, Isabel Evans loves literature and poetry and has been giving her take on the upcoming EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference through the medium of haiku poetry. See more about the beackground and haiku in our earlier Programme Chair blog 

EuroSTAR has been bringing software testers together for 27 years. The conference is led by the testing community, the need for connections and conversations. Each year it is like a homecoming for many of the most influential testers in our industry as they catch up with their EuroSTAR family and also meet new attendees, equally passionate about software quality. There are more than 350 companies attending EuroSTAR each year, many come every year but sometimes the people change. We are always conscious of creating a welcoming space for new attendees and alumni to network and be inspired.

A regular question from new delegates considering their first software testing conference is ‘Which day would be best for me to attend?’. A great question and of course we would say all four days :-) .. but .. if you have less time available, we do have single day and 2.5 day ticket options available.

Take a look at the conference programme and see what talks stand out for you. There are lots of topics to choose from and so much to learn from each of the incredible speakers. Isabel Evans is also on hand with some short haiku poems to give you insight in each day at the EuroSTAR Conference.


Why go to the conference on Monday?

Monday – Full day – learn!

Seven tutorials – choose!

Immerse, educate

Why go to the conference on Tuesday?

More Tutorials

Tuesday, and keynotes and talks

A full day learning

Why go to the conference on Wednesday?

Wednesday, so much

To share – talks, workshops, keynotes

Confer, Discuss, Learn

Why go to the conference on Thursday?

On Thursday, we have

Talks, workshops, keynotes. All great!

All day! Join us! Do!

We hope this helps give you an idea of each day and as a added guide we have included a synopsis below.

Day by Day Schedule

The EuroSTAR conference programme is jam-packed of exciting talks from expert speakers. There are lots of ‘corridor track’ events and EuroSTAR Extras so stayed tuned for each announcement – Sign up to the EuroSTAR mailing list and don’t miss a thing!


Mon, 11 Nov.

6 Full Day Tutorials

Sit Down Lunch

Evening Pub Quiz

Tue, 12 Nov.

6 Half Day Tutorials

1 Keynote Talk

8 Track Sessions

Lightning Talks

Expo Opens at Lunch

Tester’s Party

Community Dinner

Weds, 13 Nov.

2 Keynote Talks

Next Generation Keynotes

16 Track Sessions

2 Workshops

Expo Lunch

Networking Drinks

Awards Night

Thu, 14 Nov.

2 Keynote Talks

10 Track Sessions

3 Workshops

Expo Lunch


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I’m part of the EuroSTAR Community Team. I love the outdoors and will always be up for swimming in the sea, climbing a mountain or yoga on the beach! If you see me at the EuroSTAR Conference I might be helping our keynote speakers or taking photos to share on social media. Do say hi and we can talk sci-fi or baking .. the choice is yours!

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