Testing Excellence Award

The EuroSTAR Testing Excellence Award offers formal acknowledgement of outstanding achievement in software testing. Since its inception at the 1998 EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference in Munich, the EuroSTAR Testing Excellence Award has prevailed as Europe’s most prestigious award for excellence in the field of testing.

The Testing Excellence Award seeks to recognise leadership and an outstanding contributions to software testing and down through the years has been conferred upon some of the most influential members of the global testing community.

This peer-nominated award is independently adjudicated by EuroSTAR’s Award Selection Committee and 2018 will see a 20th name added to the list of recipients.

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Best Tutorial

The Best Tutorial award has been a feature of the EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference since 2003. This Award is presented to the speaker from the Programme’s full and half day tutorials who attains the highest score from attending delegates based on the content of their talk and presentation ability. The Best Tutorial Award has been awarded to some of the most notable professionals in the world of software testing including James Whittaker, Erik van Veenendaal and Randall Rice amongst others.

Best Paper

Each year, conference speakers are invited to submit a paper to accompany their presentation at the conference. These submissions are considered by the Programme Committee for the The Best Paper Award. Since it was first run in 2002, this Award has featured at 11 EuroSTAR Conferences. Former EuroSTAR Programme Chair Zeger van Hese is the only recipient to have won the award more than once and has collected the Best Paper Award on three separate occasions – 2013, 2009 and 2007.

Other Awards

Quality STAR Award 2017

Now in its fifth year, the Quality STAR Award is presented by platinum partner Micro Focus and aims to recognise the ‘unsung heroes’ and guardians of their organisations brand – the Software Testers, QA Engineers, and Test Managers who help their companies to deliver a unified user experience, for greater cost savings and productivity improvements.  



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3rd Annual Accenture award 'Bringing testing to the NEW'

The 3rd annual Accenture Award seeks to highlight the achievements for testing in New IT (agile, DevOps, Cloud, IoT, AI)

Companies are challenged to cope with growing complexity, accelerating business cycle time and increasing dependency on digital. This reality is pushing them to rethink and reinvent their approach to testing. The ability to roll out high-quality applications, deliver a seamless customer experience and protect the brand will be the difference between companies that evolve and ones that stagnate.


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