Best Conference Paper Award

The EuroSTAR Best Conference Paper Award has been an important part of the EuroSTAR Conference since 2001, with winners every year since (except 2011). At EuroSTAR, we are appreciative of the efforts of those speakers who go above and beyond what is required of them in their role as speaker and we seek to encourage and acknowledge those efforts by presenting the EuroSTAR Best Paper Award.

As you can see below, the detail on this award is a little bit sketchy for early years. Help us to fill in the blanks – email [email protected] if you have any details that would help us to complete this archive.

How to win it

Any speaker may submit a paper along with their conference presentation slidedeck and these papers are judged by an independent committee comprising the current Programme Team and selected members of programme teams from previous years.

Don’t worry!

You don’t have to have a paper ready to go when you apply to speak. Just confirm that you will submit one – the closing date for receipt of papers is usually around September before the conference. Successful speakers will be notified of the deadline after the 2016 Programme has launched.

The winner is presented with an award and a Certificate or Recognition at the annual Awards night and all qualified papers are later released to the wider EuroSTAR audience. Below is a list of recent (and not so recent) winners of the Best Conference Paper Award.

  • Dr. Andrew Brown (2017)

    SQS, U.K

    This paper advocates an alternative approach, focussing effort where a defect starts life. It examines how thought processes lead to defects. It shows how some thought patterns, termed  cognitive biases, are responsible for many of the defects we see. Finally, it explores how we can reduce our vulnerability to cognitive biases through de-biasing techniques

  • Declan O'Riordan (2016 - Joint Winner)

    TestingIT, UK

    In this paper, Declan looked at how Application Security Testing is typically conducted and offers a new approach.

  • Zeger van Hese (2016 - Joint Winner)

    Z-sharp, Belgium

    In this paper, Zeger tells the story of how he embraced scepticism and became a proud and reasonable doubter. He shared his adventures, frustrations and lessons learned, and explain how this can influence our testing.

  • James Thomas (2015)

    Linguamatics, UK

    James draws parallels between the activities of testing and joke-making. He explains why some of the side-effects or benefits of thinking this way are.

    Download the eBook here:

    Your Testing is a Joke

  • Declan O'Riordan (2014)

    Test and Verification Solutions, UK

    The latest winner of the Best Paper Award is Declan O’Riordan. We received the highest number of papers in many years and the quality was notably high but the review committee selected Declan’s paper as the best for 2014.
    Declan is a first-time speaker at EuroSTAR and was also voted as the session attendees would like to see again and featured as the Do-Over Session for 2014.

    Download the eBook here: https://testhuddle.com/resource/what-why-who-and-how-of-application-security-testing-ebook/


  • Zeger van Hese (2013)

    Z-Sharp, Belgium

    In 2013, Zeger van Hese collected the Best Paper Award for the 3rd time. His paper ‘Testing in the Age of Distraction’ and EuroSTAR talk have since been reproduced both as an eBook and webinar for our resource archive.

  • Siegfried Goeschl (2012)

    Kapsch Trafficom, Austria

    In 2012 the Best Paper was awarded to Siegfried at the Hotel Okura in Amsterdam as part of the 20 year celebration of the EuroSTAR Conference. His Paper accompanied his presentation Performance Testing of a Road Tolling System – The GORT Case Study.

  • Isabel Evans (2010)

    Dolphin Computer Access, UK

    In 2010 Isabel Evans was awarded the Best Paper for her submission ‘ Working Ourselves Out of A Job: A Passion for Self Improvement. This was later released as an eBook for the EuroSTAR community.

  • Zeger van Hese (2009)

    CTG, Belgium

    Zeger collected the Best Paper Award for the second time in 2009. The paper accompanied his presentation entitled ‘A Lucky Shot at Agile’ and was later released as the first EuroSTAR eBook in 2010.

  • Bert Jagers (2008)

    CTG, Belgium

    Bert collected the award in The Hague for his paper ‘Preserving Our Future Through Customer Satisfaction’.


  • Zeger van Hese (2007)

    CTG, Belgium

    Zeger first received the Best Paper Award in Stockholm for his submission ‘Software Testing: A profession of Paradoxes’.

  • Declan Kavanagh (2006)

    Insight Group, Ireland

    In 2006, in Manchester, Declan Kavanagh was awarded Best Paper for his talk ‘The Test Business Team’.

  • Ramesh Pusala (2005)

    InfoSys Tecnologies, India

    Ramesh’s paper entitled ‘Operational Excellence Through Efficient Software Testing Metrics’ made him the 2005 winner of the Best Paper Award.

  • Neil Thompson (2004)

    Thompson Information Systems, UK

    “ROI at the Bug Factory: Goldratt and Throughput; or Risk Mitigation Trees: Review Test Handovers with Stakeholders” was the title of Neil’s presentation at EuroSTAR 2004 in Cologne and the supporting paper won Best Paper that year.

  • Hans Schaefer (2003)


    In 2003, Hans Schaefer was the recipient of the Best Paper Award for his paper ‘Managing, Organising & Optimising Testing’

  • James Lyndsay (2002)

    Workroom Productions, UK

    The winner of the 2002 Conference Best Paper was James Lyndsay for his submission which accompanied his presentation ‘Better Data: Better Testing’ .

  • Dr. Uwe Hehn (2001)

    Method Park Software AG, Germany

    The 2001 Best Paper Award was collected by Dr. Uwe Hehn for his submission entitled ‘Quality Assurance of “Handed on Software” ‘

  • Ståle Amland (1999)


    In 1999 the Best Paper Award was won by Ståle Amland for ‘Risk Based Testing and Metrics’.

  • Dr. Andreas Spillner (1998)

    University of Applied Science, Germany

    ‘Four Kinds of Class Modality – Four Kinds of Class Testing?’ won the Best Contribution to EuroSTAR award in 1998 in Munich for Dr Andreas Spillner.

  • Paul Gerrard (1995)

    Gerrard Consulting, UK

    EuroSTAR veteran and 2014 Programme Chair, Paul won the award in 1995 for his paper on ‘Client/Server Performance Testing’

  • Dr Hélène Waeselynck (1994)

    INRETS, France

    This presentation and paper entitled ‘An Experimentation with Statistical Testing’ focused on probabilistic generation of test inputes; experimental comparison of test methods and a case study for safety critical software.

  • Marc Roper & Ab. Rashid bin Ab. Rahim (1993)

    The very first Best Paper award at a EuroSTAR Conference was won in London in 1993.

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