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Enter the 2019 RisingSTAR Award

  • 01/08/2019
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The RisingSTAR Award, supported by EuroSTAR Conferences, James Lyndsay and Bart Knaack, was created to stimulate innovation and encourage new ideas in the software testing industry. The RisingSTAR brings together many of the most influential testing minds as a supporting group to help develop winning ideas for the overall benefit of the industry.

We are calling for entries for the 2019 RisingSTAR Award. Perhaps you would like to enter or maybe you know someone who would be ideal for this recognition and mentoring.

How to Enter the RisingSTAR Award

How to Enter

This is how you can become the 2019 RisingSTAR Award Winner:

  1. Go to EuroSTAR Huddle & read the guidelines
  2. Submit your Application before 31st August 2019
  3. The RisingSTAR Committee will be in touch regarding your idea & supporting materials
  4. Once selected as a finalist, you will be featured on EuroSTAR Huddle
  5. The RisingSTAR Supporters (mentors) will vote for the best testing idea that will benefit the wider community
  6. The Winner will be flown to #EuroSTARConf in November to accept their prize


What is a RisingSTAR Idea?

A new idea or concept that you have worked to a point where it is ready to share. It may be something ground-breaking that will reverberate through the testing community OR perhaps you see a gap in the current methodologies and approaches and have an idea to help make a specific area of testing more efficient. The mentoring and global connections of the Supporters will help to develop your idea further and bring it into being.

Types of Ideas we are looking for:

  • Ideas that challenge existing testing practices.
  • A novel application or spin on existing testing techniques to improve them further.
  • Cutting-edge ideas from other fields that can be applied to testing.
  • A way to take advantage of emerging trends to impact the future of testing.
  • A new perspective on a long-running, perplexing problem.

For more details see the RisingSTAR Award page on EuroSTAR Huddle.


RisingSTAR Award benefits

RisingSTAR Mentoring

The 2018 winner was Sanne Visser of NS Netherlands. Sanne’s idea was to develop a testing framework for dealing with Blockchain-based applications as well as forming a Blockchain testing group to share knowledge to benefit the entire testing community.

As the winner, Sanne receive access to mentorship and wider connections of an incredible array of global testers – all very high profile and influential. Sanne will use that support to help her develop a workshop with a demo-blockchain environment, allowing her to teach testers about the technology, and to let them experiment with ways it might be tested.

We believe in helping the community and each of the Supporting Group contribute their time and knowledge to helping the winner to develop their idea and share this with the testing community. Where else would you have direct connections with such a group of testing experts, all committed to helping you grow your idea?

As the current RisingSTAR winner, Sanne will be provided with an ongoing platform on the EuroSTAR Huddle online community to update on her progress as well as an opportunity to present the overall concept and updates at this years’s EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference in Prague.

Beyond recognising and rewarding great ideas, the RisingSTAR Award is about encouraging new voices and developing future leaders in testing. Great ideas can come at any time and if you have a great idea that could change the testing world, don’t wait, submit now! Entries close 312st August 2019.

RisingSTAR Award Enter Now

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