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EuroSTAR Conference 2019 – Keynote Speakers And Presentations

  • 22/05/2019
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The EuroSTAR Conference is home to the best speakers in testing, industry innovators and global change makers. Together with the Programme Committee, we  welcome lots of amazing testers and quality assurance professions to the conference each year. In this article, we highlight this year’s four keynote speakers and tell you a little bit about their talks that they will present on the EuroSTAR keynote stage in Prague this November. 


Dr. Chris McKillop – CEO/Co-Founder, Turalt

We are very glad to have Chris on board for the 2019 Software Testing Conference. Dr. Chris McKillop is a thought leader on AI, ethics, and empathy. She is CEO/Co-Founder of Turalt. Dr. McKillop has a degree in Artificial Intelligence, an MSc in Human-Centred Computer Systems, and a PhD in Educational Technology which focused on the emotional dimensions of learning. Her research led to over 25 publications and numerous international conference presentations. Her personal mission is to show how AI can help us understand our humanity, and to help make the world a more empathetic place. Chris will be presenting her presentation on Tuesday, 

  • Talk : Developing Your BS Detector: The Hype & Reality of AI
  • Time & Date: Tuesday, 12th November, 1.45pm

Talk Abstract:

In this talk, we look at popular myths about what AI is, and what AI could be in the future. We look at current examples of AI, how they use deception to appear more ‘intelligent’, and look at lessons we can learn from stories of big AI failures. AI’s unique characteristic is that it accentuates and reflects our humanity. Bias in AI demonstrates this and over-hype and trust in AI’s abilities can have negative implications for individuals, group and society in general. We need to think about the impact of our technology on people, to understand and take responsibility for the social and personal impact it can have. As software testers, developing your BS detector, with an empathetic framework, will enable you to ensure AI systems are valuable, ethical, and successful through your practice.




Fiona Charles – Agile Testing Coach & Software Testing Consultant , Quality Intelligence, Canada

Fiona Charles is an independent consultant, specialising in the human side of software development and projects: teaching organizations to manage their software testing risk, and IT practitioners project skills “beyond process”—hands-on practical skills essential to thrive and excel on any kind of software project. She consults with clients on testing and test management, works as an Agile testing coach, and acts occasionally as a program-level test manager on difficult projects. She speaks and conducts workshops at international conferences and in-house for clients, has recorded many webinars, and published many articles in test-related publications.

  • Talk Title: Technology’s Feet on Society’s Ground
  • Time & Date: 09:00 am on Wednesday, 13th November 2019

Talk Abstract:

Technological advances have always trampled and rearranged the ground occupied by society. Each wave of Industrial Revolution has brought massive social disruptions and individual suffering as well as major benefits and social progress. Each has posed ethical challenges too, as people adjusted to new realities. Each had its nay-sayers and prophets of societal doom.

We are now in the midst of change so rapid and profound that the ethical questions have fallen far behind the technological answers. Welcome to the ethical quagmire of the Fourth Industrial Revolution! Which microphones are listening inside your house and uploading your family’s conversations to unknown recipients? Do you know how many cameras are watching you? For whom? Who is profiting? Who should profit? What facial recognition apps are comparing you to which uploaded data and making decisions about you?

Who can access your biometric data and your DNA? Who knows where you are at any given time?




Alexandre Bauduin – Automation Test Engineer, House of Test

Alexandre Bauduin is a 53 year old world traveler. He worked in consulting firms gaining experience in several fields (medical, manufacturing, aerospace, pay TV, data warehouse—to name a few) in different countries (Switzerland, France, Spain, Canada, etc.) His career started in the space industry where he discovered his passion for aerospace, working on both military and civilian projects. He was sometimes steered away from aerospace but his passion pushed him to become an airline pilot, as a way to really understand how those instruments he programmed and integrated were operating in a cockpit.

Talk Title: Flying High – Test Automation in the Boeing 777

Time & Date: Wednesday, 13th Nov at 5pm

Talk Abstract:

Are you confronted with automating tests of large, complex systems? Are there more conditions to test than you can do in a lifetime? Are auditors demanding compliance to a never-ending collection of regulations? Do stakeholders want slick dashboards tracking abstract key process indicators? Join Alexandre Bauduin as he shares his experience leading the complex system testing challenges of a real-time Boeing 777 Flight Simulator.

Alexandre will outline how he overcame the many challenges faced by combining his skills in test design and his expertise as an airline pilot, including the decision-making process used to focus testing and checking of the simulator, constrained by aviation authorities requesting a very detailed simulation with a blend of realistic scenarios and catastrophic failures. You will learn strategies to organize and prioritize automation, develop regression checking suites for very large mission-critical software systems, and report the meaningful information to stakeholders.




Dona Sarkar – Head of the Windows Insider Program, Microsoft

Dona Sarkar wishes she’d been born a cat so she could have had nine lives. Since that didn’t work out, she decided to live nine lives in this one. Dona spends her days running the Windows Insiders program at Microsoft, celebrating diversity in STEM fields as a fashion blogger at Fibonacci Sequins, and launching her first fashion line called Prima Dona Style, this fall. She is the author of six works of fiction and nonfiction, including Scattered Ashes, which was deemed “too controversial” by fifteen publishing imprints! Dona feels very fortunate to have found her life’s calling: to help the next generation of creatives prepare for the technical revolution that’s about to transform everything—again.

Talk Title: Be the Lord of Your OWN Rings: Build Your OWN Insider Testing Program!

Time & Date: Thursday, 14th November at 12:00pm

Talk Abstract:

Once upon a time in a land not too far from here.
Companies used to make products. Test them in-house.

…and throw them over the wall at their users.

It was a dark time.

We all had NSync CDs. AOL dialup was a thing. You used to go home and binge watch Dawson’s Creek (don’t lie, you did too). But those days are GONE. What worked then does not work now.

Today, you can’t just create for your customers. You must co-create with them. But how? Come and hear about how one of the biggest software projects in the world, Windows 10 shifted to this paradigm and attracted a community of 16.5 million global Windows Insiders who we have been co-creating with for 4 years. By the end, you’ll know how to set up your own community and fan club and more important, how to co-create with them. Come learn our 10 step process for how you can do this TOMORROW in your own business.




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