Track Talk

Case Study: A Continuous Fairytale

Tina Christin Syversen

12:00-12:30 CEST Thursday 30th September

Once upon a time, there was a team that dreamed of delivering to production so fast that the features flew through the different levels of development. They were delivering eight times a year to production, and each level took several weeks, the features were giant, and stress emerged at the end of each delivery.

After a while, the dream could evolve when the system was moved over to a platform where the developers could deliver to production and merge with operations. The processes were started, changes planned and suddenly we were ready to begin. Testers and developers had to think differently, and everyone was engaged, from operations and developers to product owners and testers. Everything was new, and of course, the obstacles emerged. The features were too big, or cut into too many pieces, the developers were too few, or the time needed for release wasted a lot of time, the testers testes too much or the quality of the testing sucked.

This is a fairytale of a continuous journey and all the challenges that included. How we managed to go from delivering eight times to production in a year, and now are delivering twice a week. How we worked to get the right size to the features, only test what was necessary, and continuously improving. Come and hear about our continuous journey to “happily ever after”.