Track Talk

Continuous Quality: The Secret of the Pharaohs

Adonis Celestine

15:00-15:30 CEST Thursday 30th September

We are fortunate to be in an industry buzzing with energy creating exciting innovations and tools, every single day. However, time and again, building reliable software has remained a challenge. If you thought your projects had impossible constraints and difficult timelines, imagine trying to build the Great Pyramid.

Built 4500 years ago, The Great Pyramid of Giza remains today as a defining symbol of quality of any man-made structure. What did the Pharaohs do differently? What can we learn from it to build great software?

The secret lies in the fact that every single stone laid was measured and tested. Continuous Quality in software also means continuously testing every block of code. The Pharaohs had the Nile as their pipeline to support continuous delivery. What quality measurements do you have in your build and release pipeline?

While the Egyptians kept working on the details, they were also big picture thinkers. Does your continuous test strategy have a holistic view from ideation to implementation while automating the details? How can you continuously focus on the intended use of the software and its customers?

You will learn more about this in this presentation, which reflects on practical experiences engaging our team on a continuous quality path. Continuous quality needs both inside-out and outside-in perspectives.