Track Talk

CSI Testing – Investigate Like A Pro

Adam Matlacz

Elżbieta Sikora

12:00-12:30 CEST Wednesday 29th September

Every software project is a crime scene for a tester. There are bugs. Lots of them. Lurking in the code. Waiting to be released… to crash software at the most unexpected moment. But no worries – your CSI team is here to help!

After trying out many techniques supporting exploratory testing, Ela came up with an idea for a complete framework that helps turn off the autopilot and become true-born QA detective. Our work is exactly like the work of a private eye. One time we lack clues and must use different tools to gather evidence; another time in contrary – we are overwhelmed with the information and have to narrow the scope of the investigation to things that matter.

CSI Testing principles brings out the essence of what testing is. You will learn what features make a good tester; what skills are worth developing to enhance your work. Finally, we will present a complete algorithm for testing your software like CSI!

You can use CSI Testing to organize exploratory session; investigate customer problem that you can’t reproduce; test a task in a sprint or as a matter of fact – do any quality-related task – the sky is the limit.

During our talk, we will present the theory and practise behind CSI Testing framework – together with a case study that will help understand the material better.

“I don’t trust people, they tend to lie. Evidence never lies.”

– Gil Grissom