Track Talk

Frustrated? It might be your fault!

Jeffrey Fredrick

Douglas Squirrel

14:15-14:45 CEST Thursday 30th Sept

Are you trying to change the way you work but running into a brick wall? Maybe trying to do that cross-silo collaboration everyone keeps asking for, but they just don’t get it?

If you’re frustrated, it is probably your fault! There are almost certainly several difficult conversations you have been avoiding that could change your results dramatically.

The good news is there are proven methods for improving your conversational skills. We will show you how to take the first steps toward increasing trust and reducing fear using nothing more than a sheet of paper.

The bad news is that improving your conversational skills requires difficult emotional work. To make this difficult emotional work easier, don’t go it alone – follow our step-by-step approach to learning with a conversational dojo, a group who practice and learn together to improve their conversations.