Track Talk

Technical Aspects of implementing the Shift Left Approach

Elias Nogueira

10:30-11:00 CEST Thursday 30th September

Most of the time people are talking about the Shift Left Testing approach in the right way: starting from the very beginning without talking about any technical aspects. But, ok, my team can understand and apply techniques to the earlier test stages.

Now is time to technically talk about how we can achieve that during the SLDC. There are a lot of techniques we can use and, as it should be based on each one context, it’s hard to find the right ones.

From my current experiences, some techniques can give us a shared technical understanding, faster feedback, and a more reliable product. This presentation will show how we (Backbase) are doing it, sharing our previous process, what we are doing right, and what were the problems we faced developing cloud-native APIs and web applications.

I will show you how we use the Shift Left Testing approach since a requirement is born, until the ready for delivery code to our customers.