The Journey of Testing Software for DNA Analysis

Aprajita Mathur

16:00 -17:00 CEST Wednesday 29th Sept

DNA contains our genetic code and for each individual it’s unique. The DNA of any 2 humans is 0.1% different on average, the difference may seem insignificant but it isn’t. To be specific, one letter change in just the right place in a code of 6.4 billion letters of your DNA can cause a genetic disease.

DNA analysis today is performed across the globe and is used to understand how to build better crops, how coronavirus impacts us, and how can we treat cancer. Given the wide range of applications, the task of identifying significant pieces of information in this BIG DATA set is performed using data analysis techniques ranging from statistical methods to machine learning.

Join Aprajita Mathur as she shares her journey of testing bioinformatics applications and how core quality and testing principles are applied to test complex data analysis software. Learn about common challenges like environments, continuous integration and data integrity, and new testing challenges like building novel datasets and testing statistical models that this industry faces and approaches to solve them.