Track Talk

Working with Development Teams to Improve Quality

Sérgio Freire

12:00-12:30 CEST Wednesday 29th September

During this session we’ll talk about failure, which is most times the default within teams.

In order to improve, we must first acknowledge failure and where we stand.

I’l share how we improved testing and development within our experienced product team, by exposing how we worked and making obvious current challenges.
It all started by drawing our pipeline and talking about how different team members helped at any given moment and how they could be blocked. We used an exercise to talk about testing debt and turn it into actionable, prioritized tasks.

From Scrumfall, we were able to move to a more collaborative Agile approach. This was only possible because we started to collaborate more, while at the same time, we were able to automate some tedious tasks. It was also about replacing some repetitive tasks such as scripted testing (test cases) to a more exploratory testing mindset that could remove bureaucracy, while at the same time expose more risks.

We had to to rethink parts of what we were doing and address recurring problems that were demotivating and stressing the team continuously.

I’ll also share how development helps testing and vice-versa; they cannot be disconnected. So we did experiments, technical and also more from a methodology perspective.

Similar to startups, experiments can fail, but we can learn from them and use our learnings to improve what we do and how we do it.

Join me in a session about Knowledge, Collaboration and Tooling. Because testing, and ultimately quality, is about that.