Tutorial J

Discover your Exploratory Tester Soul

Andrea Jensen

Emna Ayadi

13:30-17:00 Tuesday 11th June

Albert Einstein once said, “I have no special talents, I’m just passionately curious”. This quote is not only true for a world famous theoretical physicist, but also for the guild of exploratory testers. Driven by curiosity and coffee (or any other hot beverage of choice), an exploratory tester spends time with software artifacts and tries to unlock the hidden puzzle. They seek to discover areas where no user has been before, to find the unknown unknowns that could bear a risk to the software under test.

Contrary to the common misconception that exploratory testing does not require skill, we will guide you through activities that will help trigger your curiosity, and support the tester in you to search for these unknown unknowns. The hidden gems deep down in the software, forgotten or never revealed in any documentation. From theoretical introductions and concrete examples based on our years of experience, we are pleased to run plenty of hands-on exercises with you.

Let’s experience how you can use exploratory testing, together. You’ll find out how to test ideas and software. You will also learn how to incorporate what you have learned from the tutorial into your day-to-day testing.

Join this tutorial and unlock your inner explorer!


Attendees must bring a mobile device with the conference app installed.