Tutorial E

Make Quality Coaching Fun and Engage your Stakeholders

Emna Ayadi

Eveline Moolenaars

09:00-12:30 Tuesday 11th June

Can you imagine how frustrating it is when our stakeholders or people in our team don’t understand what testing is all about?

This happens to a quality coach quite often. Because of the challenges we face, we like to involve those people in testing and make them aware of what testers are doing and how they can collaborate with them. As a quality coach we focus on improving quality and therefore testing too, and that means that you also have to improve our coaching part. There is a great way of doing this by making it playful, through games!

In this tutorial we will engage you with several techniques, and of course we will practice! For example, the Lego game: how to involve your stakeholders by building a product – but there are hidden bugs, so we can make our stakeholders aware of the importance of testing early, and understand the different levels of testing.

Or what about playing a board game where we use cards and dice, and guide team members through different steps to get a better understanding of problems that concern the product under test, the process or their team? They will be able to define relevant metrics to measure progress in solving the problem, and identify quality measures that will help them improve testing. These are just examples of the 4 different games we will use.

Our tutorial will help you – as a quality coach – to transfer the frustration into positive and funny vibes. The games will help you change various situations into scenarios where you challenge non-testers, and show them how much fun testing is.

The tutorial is all about becoming more skilled in using games and facilitation techniques. These will help to increase the performance and morale of your team members.