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How to Network at a Conference

  • 23/08/2019
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It can be quite daunting attending a conference for the first time or attending a conference on your own. People talk about how important networking is, but when there are so many people, it can be difficult to know where to start. A good conference makes you push past your comfort zone. Making connections and meeting new people is a great way to improve your conference experience. 

We have compiled some top tips to help you discover how to network at a conference. One of the best ways to start networking is in the Expo area. Here are some great ice breakers..


At EuroSTAR, stickers become a great conversation starter.  Go the Community Huddle to find the sticker table to personalise your conference badge with stickers that represent you.  It makes it very easy to strike a conversation to see you have something in common with someone.

Networking at a conference in the Community Huddle - Sticker table


Who doesn’t love free stuff?! Go on the hunt for some cool conference swag in the expo. You’ll never know who you’ll end up talking to while you’re searching for some free goodies. The exhibitors always have plenty of cool stuff to giveaway. View who will be exhibiting at the EuroSTAR Conference in Prague.

EuroSTAR Expo SWAG SauceLabs


There’s always something going on the expo. Explore the expo to see what’s going on. Whether it’s the Huddle, the Test Lab, Expo stands, there are so many games and opportunities to chat to people while playing. It’s a great way to break the ice. Whether it’s a game of exploding kittens, a game of fishing in the duck pond. Also – there are plenty of prizes up for grabs!

Network at EuroSTAR Conference in the Community Huddle

Visit the Huddle

Visit the Community Huddle to help you meet new people. There are always events going on (the schedule will be released in October). You can meet speakers, other attendees, volunteers. Attendees hang out here for some down time in-between and during sessions also.

Grab a Tea or Coffee

You may have to queue for coffee, so while in the queue be sure to strike up a conversation with the person next to you. OR if you don’t want to wait, some of the exhibitors have coffee machine in their stands so go find them!

EuroSTAR Conference Expo Networking Tea & Coffee Break

So there’s our top tips & ice breakers for how to network at a conference. Some information is for the EuroSTAR Conference, but these tips can be brought to any conference you attend!

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