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What & How of Speed Meeting

  • 11/11/2019
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Attending a large conference can be exhilarating and daunting all at the same time. At EuroSTAR, we have lots of different ways to connect and meet new people so you can choose what suits you best.

In addition to the networking opportunities over coffee, lunch and dinner, you can meet fellow testers as you pick your favourite stickers in the Huddle area, enjoy an informal Lean Coffee discussion, go for a jog, take in some yoga or take on a challenge in the Test Lab and lots more.

This year we also have our first ‘Speed Meet’.

When? Tue 12 Nov. – 15:00 – Terrace 2A – Level 2 @ Prague Congress Centre

Starting a conversation can be hard and this concept provides a structured approach to short bursts of discussions with multiple people in a 30-minute period.

BEFORE you start and to help you get the conversation flowing, each person will draw a personal mind map. Some items that may appear on this might be Family, Goals, Work, Hobbies, Little Known Facts about yourself etc

Personal Mind Map

Everyone then gathers in a line/oval and will be ‘paired’. There is 5 minutes allotted to each ‘pair’ to converse before you move to the right and meet a new person.

Each ‘pair’ exchanges their mind maps and then ask questions based purely on the other person’s mind map. It makes for interesting conversations and above all, you can choose the topic on the mind map that you want to ask about and can opt not to ask about areas that you prefer not to speak about.

EuroSTAR has always been welcoming and for many it is their testing family. Echoing the famous poet, it is filled with ‘friends you are yet to meet’. For each person you pair with during the Speed Meet – You may only have a 5 minute conversation now, but if you have lots in common or burning questions to follow up on then you have an opportunity to continue the discussions during the conference.

Above all, this meet-up is very relaxed and whilst there are ‘rules’ to help facilitate the speed meeting, you can step out at any time if you prefer not to continue. Simply finish up as the switchover takes place and the remaining participants can adjust their pairs.

So all that remains is to go forth, meet & enjoy!


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I’m part of the EuroSTAR Community Team. I love the outdoors and will always be up for swimming in the sea, climbing a mountain or yoga on the beach! If you see me at the EuroSTAR Conference I might be helping our keynote speakers or taking photos to share on social media. Do say hi and we can talk sci-fi or baking .. the choice is yours!

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