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How to make the most of exhibiting at EuroSTAR Online



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Exhibiting at EuroSTAR is one of the most cost-effective ways of getting your products and services in front of customers- as long as you’re ready to work hard to maximise your presence! On average, 75% of visitors to an exhibition are there to buy, or plan to buy in the future. The EuroSTAR audience is a highly qualified audience – so make sure your pitch is just right for them.

Exhibiting at EuroSTAR Online allows you to truly interact with potential customers and showcase your products to influential decision makers. Industry research and reports show that virtual events attract double the attendance of the previously planned live event.


To maximise on this opportunity, you first need to decide why you are exhibiting, and what you want to achieve. Have some specific, measurable targets in mind – for example,  get 300 qualified sales leads, or conduct 50 research interviews.

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Make sure your online presence is smart, attractive, visible and reflects well on your company. For physical events, it’s good to have one person in charge of every aspect of the event. EuroSTAR is happy to work with your whole team to familiarise you  with the virtual world.

Some studies suggest that 80% of stand success is down to your staff, so train them thoroughly and ensure they are working hard throughout the day. If you can invite people, do. Use social media, email messaging, and your website to get the message out and invite potential customers to your stand. Don’t forget, EuroSTAR Online has a free Expo Access ticket available to everyone. It is good to formulate a plan for how you will follow up all of your leads.

It’s important to let people know you are there during the conference – make the most of your virtual speaking slot, and run a prize giveaway to encourage visitors to your booth – we will provide you with all the reporting and analysis  information of those who visited and interacted with your booth! It’s easier than ever to get in-depth information on your prospective leads.

Standard best practices suggest asking open-ended questions to encourage prospects to talk about their business, issues and needs. Exhibiting at EuroSTAR Online offers you the ability to video chat with prospects at your booth.Similarly to physical events, your aim is to speak to as many prospects as possible.
Once you get the information of the visitors to your stand, have a clear nurture journey prepared. Listen to your prospect and sell the benefits, not the features, of your products or services. Make sure you can explain how your business can solve their problems. EuroSTAR Online is a three-day event, so have daily team debriefs to help you understand what you can do better the following day.

Classify all leads – don’t just take details; ensure you know who the person is and what they’re looking for, so your follow-up is personal and relevant. Remember why you are there – stay focused on your objectives. Talk less and listen more to draw more insights out of your prospect. At the end of the event, conduct a show debrief with the stand team, and identify what went well and what didn’t.
52% of EuroSTAR attendees are decision makers, so be sure to follow up leads with a personalised message or call. You may need to contact them on average six times before they convert. Make use of all the information you have gathered. For example, use attendee feedback to drive future product development.

I hope you’ve found this helpful, and keep an eye out for more articles on making the most of your partnership with EuroSTAR. If you have any questions, contact me at [email protected].

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