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A New Goal for 2020 – Speak at a Conference

  • 14/01/2020
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 A New Goal for 2020 – Speak at a Conference! 

Speaking at an international event for the first time can be scary. However, as the quote goes, “courage only exists when fear is there”, hence being afraid is fine. Overcoming a fear or a doubt, will be forever beneficial to you.

So why not make this year your time to speak on an international stage? How long are you going to put off submitting to speak? No excuses!


We want you to say yes to speaking on stage! We want to help you, guide you on your journey to becoming an international speaker. The first step is always the hardest.

Take the 1st step now: Read the EuroSTAR 2020 Call for Speakers information. Learn about the theme, the talk types, discover why speak at EuroSTAR and the incredible benefits associated. See what previous speakers have to say.


Do you need help writing your talk proposal?  In addition to the above video from previous speakers, you can find more tips and tricks in the webinar with programme chair, Rik Marselis.  With many years of speaking experience, his expertise is invaluable. Watch it back, take notes, and apply it to your proposal for any conference. View Webinar

Would you like 1:1 advice? Reach out to any of our committee members and they would love to help you in any way they can. Meet the Committee.


Don’t worry if you proposal isn’t accepted on your first attempt, everyone has to start somewhere! The committee will be reviewing every submission and will provide feedback on how to better improve your submission.


So make 2020 your year to get on to an international stage! Submit to speak at EuroSTAR 2020 in Antwerp. Start writing your proposal today!

Submissions close Friday 7th February, 2020.

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