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EuroSTAR Keynote Spotlight: 5 talks you can’t miss


EuroSTAR Conference keynotes

Our EuroSTAR keynote speakers are testing experts in automation, agile, DevOps, security, test strategy and much more. Don’t miss their online talks this November.


1. Develop a ‘Quality Narrative’ that Communicates the True Value of Quality | Ronald Cummings-John

EuroSTAR keynote Ronald Cummings-John dives into quality and asks some key questions: how can we change the way that people think and talk about quality in our business? What are the best ways to influence people within our company to ensure everyone has bought into the idea of quality?

Using worldwide companies such as Google, Etsy, Airbnb and Twitter as inspiration, he will take you through developing an internal narrative around quality that will help you build incredible products.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Learn how to develop a quality narrative that communicates the true value of your quality team throughout the company
  2. Influence those around you to buy into your narrative
  3. Align the different teams and their activities towards a shared goal to contribute to the overall growth of the company

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2. Unlock the Power of Testing in Production with Observability | Abby Bangser

Join Abby for examples and explanations on leveraging the dynamic duo of observability and testing in production: it’s the next step for empowering software teams to deliver high quality, high impact software with speed and confidence.

Abby believes in empowering delivery team members to contain, and track, the impact of changes as they make them.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Everyone is testing in production, but some people are looking at the results
  2. Testing in production can be done with care for a large impact
  3. Observability is another form of testability

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3. Let’s Talk About Problems | Michael Bolton

“Don’t come to me with problems; come to me with solutions.”

“Failure is not an option.”

“I don’t want to focus on finding bugs; I want to focus on preventing bugs.”

At one time or another, you’ve probably heard all of the above. As testers, we encounter bugs, issues, and obstacles every day. Yet, talking about problems can be uncomfortable, controversial, and embarrassing.

Michael Bolton will discuss how testers can talk about those things courageously and deal with them reasonably and responsibly.

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4. Real Life Stories of Microservices Testing | Tomasz Dubikowski 

Cloud-based microservice architecture has seized our tech world. The new approach promises a quick, convenient development of modular, reliable and, most importantly, easily scalable systems. Microservices, when done alright, solve a significant amount of issues we face while working with monolithic applications.

However, done incorrectly, it can bring more harm than good to your project. And that’s a quite common case, as we don’t have much experience with the new architectural approach, and we are still learning how to use microservices properly.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Get to grips with common testing challenges while moving to cloud-based, microservice architecture
  2. Learn about contract testing in microservice architecture
  3. Learn about end to end, performance and infrastructure testing

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5. AI Testing in the Wild | Jason Arbon

AI is impacting the world of testing today. AI-based test automation is testing everything from games, gig-economy and finance apps, platforms, app stores, and thousands of top apps every day. AI is testing desktop, mobile, and web apps. AI has been commercially compared with the value of manual regression testing teams from 10 to 100–and it’s come out on top. AI is starting to give people the time to focus on the more creative and fun testing problems.

Jason shares real-world examples demonstrating the limitations and pains of some AI approaches, as well as ways in which AI is doing testing even humans couldn’t have performed.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Visually see AI testing real-world apps, in the wild
  2. Understand the limitations and superpowers of AI-based testing today
  3. Understand how AI-based testing stacks up against traditional manual and automated testing

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